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Get FIT, feel GREAT and Learn Real, Proven Self Defense Skills that could Save your LIFE.

 Hey there-

My name is Jeff Jones, owner of Tri State Martial Arts Academy, and I’m here to tell you, I know what it’s like. I have the same challenges you do: trying to eat right, get enough exercise, and have the confidence to keep it together, whether it’s on the street (knowing I can defend myself) or in my work or home relationships, in my hobbies, or anywhere else.

And it’s not like most of us haven’t tried – you yourself might have tried a gym or workout program, and if you’re like 95% of people who go those “normal” routes, it probably didn’t workout.  Normal, run-of-the mill fitness routines rarely help people reach their goals, because, well….they’re BORING. And if the routine you’re trying to COMMIT yourself to is BORING, you’re setting yourself up for failure! We know because we’ve been there. But….

What people in Levittown are quickly learning is that our Levittown Muay Thai classes are specifically designed to set you up for success. We’ve honed our programs over years and created something amazing that you won’t find anywhere else. Our programs are specifically designed to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS.  Our classes are engaging, exciting, and packed with people JUST LIKE YOU who are striving everyday to better themselves.

Our students say they come back to our Muay Thai classes again and again because of 3 things they really don’t get anywhere else in their lives:

Wait! Before You Go Further-

  • You don't Need Any Experience; Everyone starts at the beginning, in Shape or not!

  • Our professional instructors know YOU and what YOU need to get on track

  • It's not boring repetitive exercise; your body wont' get 'used' to the moves, and you'll build muscle and lose fat fast

  • The group setting allows students to both encourage and keep each other accountable

Our Members Say This Stuff ALL The Time:

I recently joined. It has been all I expected and more. It is a great workout but what I really enjoy is the varied training one receives. Its great fun. If you are my age (45) and have always wanted to do this, I encourage you to start now. Everyone is nice and welcoming. It is not intimidating and William’s instructional ability is perfect for beginners (and black belts).

Brian W., Beginner Student

Sounds Great, But How Do I Know It Will Work For ME?

Because We Use A Tried-And-True 3 Step Simple Success System:

Step #1: Fitness

Let’s be real. Our lives just aren’t setup for health. From being inundated with fast food to having work hours that barely allow for anything much less a workout routine, you need something that WORKS. Our Muay Thai classes work, and they work better than anything you’ve ever done before.

Our Muay Thai classes are specifically designed to set you up for success. We’ve honed our programs over years and created something amazing that you won’t find anywhere else. Our programs are specifically designed to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS.  Our classes are engaging, exciting, and packed with people JUST LIKE YOU who are striving everyday to better themselves.

Step #2: Defense

You’ll be learning the most advanced, modern martial arts skills found anywhere. We train the same moves you’ll see on TV, the difference is, you don’t have to get beat up like those guys and girls do! But you’ll be training, stretching, punching, kicking, and moving just like they do in no time.

You’ll be 100% confident in your ability to defend yourself, should the time come. But probably more importantly, you’ll feel so confident in yourself you won’t need to ever “fight” with someone, because they’ll be able to see your confidence from across the room!

Now, if you feel like taking yourself to the next level and competing in MMA contests, we can certainly help you. In fact, we can make sure you’re an amazing fighter. But if you’re not interested in that kind of competition, don’t worry - most of our students are regular guys and girls learning, training, and feeling amazing about themselves.

Step #3: Fun!

Don’t deny it, we ALL like to have fun! But when was the last time your boss gave you “recess”? Fun is not sitting at your house like a couch potato watching mind-numbing TV. Fun is interacting with your peersaccomplishing your goals, and yeah, laughing and smiling while you do it. Now, we don’t really like “guarantees” because well, they just sound silly. But what we can definitely guarantee is that in every one or our martial arts classes, you’ll be sweating, smiling and learning.

You really just can’t beat that. We think you DESERVE a high energy, action packed activity that actually BENEFITS you as well. We’re not talking about a softball league or jogging down your neighborhood street.  We’re talking about a kick-butt, stress relieving, confidence inducing, muscle building, laugh producing, EMPOWERING workout that you didn’t even know existed.

So Don’t Wait

We don’t THINK it’s right for you. We KNOW it’s right for you, because we DESIGNED it for you. If you’ll put your email in the box, we’ll send you our Free Report, “10 things you should look for in an Adult Martial Arts class” then send you to the next page where you’ll find more specifics about our program. Plus, if you’d like, on the next page you can sign up for our Trial Program, or we can answer any specific questions that you have. So put your email in the box, and we’ll see you on the next page:

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