Congratulations to all of our Tri State Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts students who received belt promotions in our recent children’s graduation. Unfortunately, due to everyone’s safety with the virus we had to host [the graduation] in a drive-by fashion, similar to the summer graduation. Many families participated in our Halloween theme by decorating vehicles. Read More

A phenomenal article I came across regarding the negative effects of allowing children to quit. My goal is to constantly make Tri State Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts a place of positivity for our students while instilling necessary skills to succeed in life- whether that be in martial arts, a member of society, school/work or Read More

Back to school this year looks a little different for most of us. We aren’t out buying school supplies because we don’t really know what’s needed. With most area public schools converting to the Online Learning, many parents struggle with the idea. No matter what side of the spectrum you stand, children are missing out Read More